Debit & Credit Premium 2.6.3 for Mac download

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If you are looking for a personal finance application that is convenient, easy to use and at the same time, have enough features, then debit and credit is the right app for you.

• All accounts in an application
keep financial records was always a bit annoying. But now you can enjoy it . See all your accounts in one place and manage their everyday finances.

• Super fast
Create a new transaction now takes a matter of seconds. The application was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. It never required to perform dozens of unnecessary steps to perform simple tasks.

• Application Companion iOS and Apple Watch
debit and credit has its own application for iPhone and iPad, you can use to add transactions on the fly. It is very convenient and keeps data synchronized through iCloud.

• Import data
We know how important it is to import transactions from your financial institutions. That’s why we admit CSV, QIF, QMTF, OFX and QFX files. And you can also choose which particular transactions imported from a file, something that not all financial applications know how to do.

• Budgets and planned transactions
Want budgeted expenditures in a particular category? No problems. Do you plan to make a transaction in the future and want to be reminded? Consider it done.

• Reports
We believe in clear and straightforward reports that are easy to read and understand. See where and how you spend your money. Other reports are also available.

• Shared Accounts
Want to share some of your accounts with someone else? No problem, you can share selected accounts via iCloud keeping other private accounts. Great to manage family finances!

• Bank Reconciliation Mode
Sometimes we all need extra help to keep our accounts in shape. You can easily reconcile your accounts with bank statements in the application to remove any disparity.

• Powerful
split categories, pending transactions, export transactions, attachments (with sync), labels transactions, print reports and save them as PDF files: all these and many other features are available when needed.

• iCloud synchronization
never ask you to create an account or provide any personal information. All data is stored in iCloud, it is not available to anyone but you ….








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