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BBEdit 12.0.2 for Mac是一个完整的代码编辑器,可以让你使用各种编程语言。
如果你需要一个HTML代码编辑器,C-Objective SQL Java,JavaScript,JSP,Object Pascal和C ++,Perl,PHP,Python,Ruby或者其他软件都可以尝试BBEdit并留在他身边,因为很少有人会如此强大,如此清醒的界面。

BBEdit is a complete code editor that lets you work with a variety of programming languages.
If you need a code editor in HTML, C-Objective SQL Java, JavaScript, JSP, Object Pascal, and C ++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby or (among others) try BBEdit and stay with him because few are going to be so strong and so sober interface.
BBEdit, you can …

  • Exercise full control over text
  • Work your way
  • Script files, folders, disks, and servers
  • Testing enjoy Omnipotence
  • A height standards
  • Seamless integration to existing workflows

What’s new in BBEdit 12?

  • Improved compatibility of dark themes – When a dark color scheme is used, BBEdit now edit colors and chrome project window to match, for a more integrated overall appearance. For customers than ever before BBEdit or TextWrangler used, the color scheme “BBEdit Dark” now is the factory default; this can be changed if desired preferences “text colors”.
  • Performance improvement platform – Thanks to an extensive internal review, BBEdit now supports intrinsic behavior of the operating system as Split View (and many others).
  • Improved user interface for FTP / SFTP, Text Factory and preview windows browsers – many windows that are not editing have been revised to improve the appearance and behavior and to add features.
  • New “canonize” tool – Provides a text-based search for batch and replacement model, either within a single file or (using a text factory) in multiple files.
  • New editing commands “Columns” – Cut, copy, delete or rearrange columns easily delimited text files (CSV, TSV) without a spreadsheet or complicated regular expressions.
  • FTP / SFTP browsers now have an outline view to improve navigation
  • Text Factory windows now offer the ability to enable and disable individual steps
  • The preview windows BBEdit now provides insight runtime of anticipated page views using the WebKit inspector
  • Text extraction: this powerful addition to the legendary BBEdit search functions allows you to locate and collect search results in a single text document. The extraction can be executed in the active text document or multiple files and folders. Using Grep patterns replacement during extraction allows transformations to the extracted text.
  • Extensive internal modernization – Many internal subsystems have been rewritten or updated to support new features, improve performance, add refinement and possible future improvements to




注意:Mac Os 10.15系统属于重大升级,众多软件都还不能兼容此系统,请谨慎升级!





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