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Topaz ReMask Prime 1.0.1 for Mac是一款PS中非常实用的抠图软件,在phpotoshop中需要几小时的操作,在Topaz ReMask 5 mac可能只需几分钟。没错Topaz ReMask mac就是如此方便而又强大的PS抠图插件。

Topaz ReMask Prime harnesses the power of Topaz ReMask in a simple and user-friendly interface. It is the most intuitive and quick replacement tool background images.

It can be a headache making a good cut in Photoshop, and can llebarnos an entire day doing a good job. ReMask is the first color coding system that reduces the process to 4 simple steps. As simple as: color, computer, refined, and savings.
ReMask first masking streamlines the process of using the tri-map Topaz. The tri-map consists of three colors: green, red and blue. Users can quickly define the items you want to keep using green; elements that are to be reduced: the use of red; and items that you want to mask: use blue. Selection is made using the brush tools and then ReMask Prime is able to analyze the selections made by the user and isolate precision image.









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