Carbon Copy Cloner 5.0.6 Fixed for Mac 系统备份还原软件

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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.0.6 Fixed for Mac 是一款专业的Mac磁盘备份克隆迁移工具,与 Mac OS X 系统自带的 Time Machine 不同,这款工具会将硬盘上的所有内容进行迁移克隆,而且速度非常快。如果您想要更换硬盘,可以使用 Carbon Copy Cloner 将全盘进行备份,并直接拷至新硬盘上,省去了安装系统的麻烦。如果通过普通备份,您将花上一天的时间赶到商店购买新的硬盘,然后坐在电脑前重新安装操作系统并恢复数据。

Security exact copies of your hard drive
Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) is a complete tool cloned disks completely free and you can protect your files from any eventuality.
Select the disc to be copied and destination, local, external or networked, and Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) will make an exact copy. Ideal for protecting your files or copy to another computer system.

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) allows you to schedule tasks, password protect copies and even limit them so they can only be read and unedited.

– Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan
– Redesigned interface a window
– Edit scheduled tasks
– Application Menubar
– Job History
– Single View mode
– Tasks chain
– Run tasks only during the week or on weekends
– Collision detection task ( to prevent two tasks write to the same destination simultaneously)
– Choose to run backups only when connected to a power supply
– administrators always authenticate only once
– customizable email notifications
– Application command line
– Guides visual quick start
– initial backups
– smart Updates
– Run backups on a schedule
– Copy up volumes locally connected
– Backup network volumes
– Cloning an HD recovery
– License Home
– Center records
– changed and deleted files
– The tasks are executed automatically, even if you are not logged
– Back to another Mac
– Hyphens pre and post flight
– Custom filters
– Coach cloning with timely advice for troubleshooting
– Available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese
– Available in English
– fast and professional support through our technical support

What’s new in V5: 
• options were added the utility CCC command line to enable and disable tasks
• an element of “unique space” to pallete customizing the toolbar of the main window was added; He is adding elements of “single space” and “flexible space” palette customizing the toolbar preferences window

• If the volume of source or target has become an encrypted format, as originally specified that volume as source or destination of a task of CCC, CCC is now in charge of change more gracefully; When you select the affected task, CCC will now recognize that the volume is encrypted and prompted for a password
• The restoration guided no longer available if the relevant task having a volume backup CCC is entitled “Restore from {name} source”; This avoids a potentially confusing situation in which CCC offers a refreshing tour immediately after you restart your Mac from a restored volume

• Fixed an abnormality of the user interface minor in the window filter tasks in the main window
• It fixed a crash that could occur when you rename a task, leading to a change in management
• Fixed bug the user interface affects users of Yosemite in which the progress indicator of the progress window of the mini task disappear when resizing the window
• Fixed an issue in which CCC presented the incorrect error message when the user provided the wrong password for the administrator account on a remote Mac
• Resolved a crash that could occur when you open the window filter tasks with a source volume Macintosh remote





注意:Mac Os 10.15系统属于重大升级,众多软件都还不能兼容此系统,请谨慎升级!





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