Appocto Mega Pack 1.0 Mac PDF文件处理美化工具

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Appocto Mega Pack 1.0 Mac 是一个王大的PDF处理软件。如果你的公司处理大量的PDF文件,你需要转换你的照片工作室的图片,或者只是想在您的Mac桌面上显示您所爱的人的照片。那么这个软件你一定要试试了.最新版 2018年1月发布

Mega Package is our biggest package contains 13 great apps at a super low price. If your company handles a lot of PDF files, you need to convert your photo studio pictures or just want to display a photo of your loved ones on your Mac desktop. The mega package has it all.

PDF Powerpack
Be amazing and make magic with our PDF Powerpack. All these additional PDF tools we all need desperately occasionally. And it’s easy to do!

Simply click and drag the area you want to blur, pixelate or cover the area. Hide faces, sensitive information or anything you want.

Photo Frame
An easy to use to display your favorite photo in a beautiful frame on your desktop. It is the perfect application for work which is not always possible to have personal belongings.

PDF Text Extractor

PDF Text Extractor makes it very easy to extract text from your PDF. Select the PDF file and then with a single click, remove all text and export it to a new file.

PDF Image Extractor
PDF Image Extractor makes it very easy to extract images from your PDF. Select the file and then with a single click, remove all images and store them in a new folder.

PDF Merger
With PDF Merger is very easy to combine many PDF in one. Simply drag and * boom * it’s done.

PDF Shrinker
Reduce your heavy PDF files in a blink of an eye. Whistle!

Convert Images
From time to time we have to convert our images, we need a new format or need a version of the same size. With Convert images, it is very easy to convert one or more images with a single drag and drop.

Mail Attachment Grabber
Imagine all those precious files that have been mailed, long forgotten and hidden in your mailbox. With Mail Attachment Grabber it is very easy to locate and automatically rediscover these lost gems and important documents.

Hide Desktop Files
Does your desk is often full of files, icons and folders? With Hide Desktop Files you can hide them temporarily with one click. Perfect when you need clarity and concentration.

PDF Encrypt
PDF Encrypt makes it possible to protect and easily protect your PDF files. It’s fast, reliable and uses strong encryption algorithms. Secure your PDF files today!


Copied! notifies the copy, either text files or folders. Make use of the new shares Copying text! 1.2 and allow to improve their workflow so you can get even faster. You also get quick to delete your current clipboard data access.

Fast Logout
Occasionally we disconnect for several reasons. But seriously, do we really want to stop everything we’re currently working on ? No. With fast closing session can be disconnected, but all processes continue to run and is superfast.

With MyIP, in seconds you can access your internal and external IP. It has never been so easy!

Hide Files
Would not it be great if, easily, hide your confidential files to others? Would not it be great if you could hide and restore them in the blink of an eye without remembering any password? Well you can. Hide Files Get today.





注意:Mac Os 10.15系统属于重大升级,众多软件都还不能兼容此系统,请谨慎升级!





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