basICColor Print 5.0.2 Build 146.70 for Mac 打印机管理软件

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basICColor Print 5.0.2 Build 146.70 for Mac 软件是注明的打印机管理程序之一,无论是喷墨打印机,数字打印机还是测试打印机,都可以打印出支持所有RGB和CMYK打印机的5种配置文件basicolor解决方案。实现准确的CMYK分色和建筑轮廓的最关键的选择之一是“黑色代”概念。

- 易于使用的预设和拖放
- 配置文件批量和多目标
- 集成基色捕捉
- 创建配置文件CMYK,RGB和灰度
- 创建配置文件ICC v2或v4
- 自动检测和设置限制最佳墨水和最佳TAC
- 几种映射策略范围(标准,黑点补偿,绝对压缩,最小压缩或基于参考配置文件)
- 压缩无限可调范围
- 光学增白剂的可调校正
- 综合配置文件优化
- 自动将ICC配置文件存储在系统文件夹或自由可定义的文件夹(例如RIP)
- 支持所有测量文件(ISO格式)
- 支持任何CMYK目标配置文件(例如ECI2002或IT8.7 / 4)


basICColor Print 5新增功能
- 新功能:集成基色捕获功能; 数据传输直接测量basICColor basICColor捕获一个打印
- 新:综合配置文件优化
- 新:几种分配策略范围:标准,黑点补偿,压缩绝对(新),最小压缩(新)或基于参考资料
- 新:加载自定义照明的能力
- 授权系统更新
- 更新分析库建立22692
- 更新德语/英语/日语手册

Whether inkjet, digital printer or test printer with print 5 profiles basicolor solution that supports all RGB and CMYK printers is obtained. One of the most critical choices to achieve accurate CMYK separations and building profiles, is a concept called “black generation.”
Get professional quality results with ‘auto’ intelligently, or choose from an extensive list of preferences profile and parameters to manage the details yourself. Integrated color capture basICColor and automatic correction of measurement data, create a perfect ICC profile for your printer is easy! The printing software profiling basICColor 5 provides a discriminatory accuracy for color professionals! It also optimizes ink reduction for higher returns.
detailed settings
BasICColor print 5 supports the separation of highly customizable colors, with specific options for a wide range of printing technologies. It also features a user – defined amendment to the intention of perceptual representation, so that images are converted to results of the highest quality.
Whether several profile variations are derived is constructed from a single set of measurement data, or an array of profiles of separate measurements, batch processing with automated color printing basICColor 5 frees the user to multitasking with other responsibilities.
BasICColor print 5 fits perfectly into our measurement software basicolor catch. The other basICColor capture modules allow quality control and statistical analysis of the evidence or impressions.

– Easy to use presets and drag and drop
– Profiles batch and multi-target
– Integration of basicolor capture
– Create profiles CMYK, RGB and grayscale
– Create profiles ICC v2 or v4
– Automatically detects and sets the limit optimal ink and the best TAC
– Several mapping strategies ranges (Standard, Blackpoint Compensation, Absolute compression, Minimal compression or based on the reference profile)
– compression infinitely adjustable range
– Adjustable correction for optical brightener
– Integrated Profile Optimization
– Stores ICC profiles automatically in the system folder or a freely definable folder (for example, RIP)
– Supports all measurement files (ISO format)
– Support for any CMYK target profile (eg ECI2002 or IT8.7 / 4)

What’s new in basICColor Print 5
– nEW: check box “automatically check for updates” in the update dialog
– nEW: Integration of basicolor capture; Data transfer direct measurement from basICColor basICColor catch a print
– NEW: Integrated Profile Optimization
– NEW: Several allocation strategies ranges: Standard, Black Point Compensation, Compression Absolute (NEW), minimum compression (NEW) or based on the reference profile
– NEW: ability to load custom lighting
– Licensing system UPDATE
– UPDATE profiling the library to build 22692
– UPDATE German / English / Japanese Manual





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