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DateBook 1.0.6 Mac 对于喜欢写日记的人来说,DateBook是一个简单的日记应用程序。它可以让你写一个分心,美观的界面日常日记。它可以保存所有日志,包括日期,时间,字数等信息,并将其显示在一个美观的界面上,您可以一次查看所有日记条目。

DateBook is a simple journal app for everyone who likes to write journals. It lets you write daily journals on a distraction free and beautiful interface. It saves all your journals with information like date, time, word count and presents them on a beautiful interface from where you can scroll through all your journal entries at a time.

Each and every journal entry will be bookmarked at the left bar as a topic. You add as many journal entries as you can and save it as a single topic. All these journal entries will be saved on a scrollable interface under that topic. You can scroll through all your journal entries under each topic with date, time, current mood and read your journals. You can print the whole journal topic or print a single journal entry very easily with DateBook.


You can define your current mood from 10 mood presets and attach it with your journal. This is how you can make your journals more interesting, engaging and personal. When you will go back in time and read your journals, they will give the true perspective of your feelings.

Decorate your journal with text formatting tools and make it more true to life. All these tools will always be available beside the journal entry window vertically placed on a bar at the left. Bold, underline, italicize, strikethrough texts to express different feelings through your journals. You can also change text color and text background color very easily from pre-define color pallets available at the same left bar.

You can choose from a variety of font options and customize text size from the app preference very easily. These changes are going to be applied on all your journals.

Attach your current location with each journal entry and make your memories more vivid. You can allow DateBook to access your current location automatically and save it with your journal. You also have the option for searching for a location manually from a small pop up window with a map and save the location with your journal.

DateBook comes with a white theme by default. Along with it, you also have 5 theme options to choose from and give your app a different look.

Set up a security password for the app in the App Preference and protect your journals in the most advanced way. Log in with the same password each time your open the app and secure your journals from prying eyes.

Take timely backup of all your journals and never lose your precious memories. If you ever delete any journal by mistake or you lose your data, you can easily restore it from your last backup and get all your journals in a matter of seconds.

DateBook comes with an advanced backup option called Automatic Backup. If turned on, it will take automatic backups of your all journals and save it locally on your Mac. It also deletes old backups which are 10 or 30 days old. This is how you can mack journal backup seamless.

#8 iCloud SYNC
Get your journals synced across all your Macs easily via iCloud.

Use the built-in calendar to select journal entry date and time. You can jump to a specific journal entry by using the calendar while scrolling through it.

– Easy to add new journals.
– Write a detailed journals hassle free.
– Add Journal Topics and save multiple Journal Entries under them.
– Add location.
– Print journals or export it in PDFs.
– Share journals via all the available sharing platforms.
– Built-in calendar to select date and time of adding Journals.
– Hide left bar to make app more compact to look at.
– Quickly search through topic names.
– Customize font-face, text size and use text formatting tools.
– 5 App Themes.
– Password Protection.
– Journals Backup and Restore.
– iCloud Sync.

What’s New in Version 1.0.5
• Crash in printing journals is solved.
• Crash on Manual Backup is solved.
• Adding Tags in each book.
• Other minor improvements and fixes.
• Improved version.


或者直接输入命令:打开Mac终端 输入以下代码回车sudo spctl --master-disable
Macos系统MacOS Big Sur 11以上提示没有权限打开应用的解决方法


适用于 Mac OSX系统




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