TechSmith Camtasia 2018.0.8 for Mac屏幕录像专家 软件 破解版

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Camtasia Studio是最专业的屏幕录像和编辑的软件套装。软件提供了强大的屏幕录像(Camtasia Recorder)、视频的剪辑和编辑(Camtasia Studio)、视频菜单制作(Camtasia

MenuMaker)、视频剧场(Camtasia Theater)和视频播放功能(Camtasia Player)等。使用本套装软件,用户可以方便地进行屏幕操作的录制和配音、视频的剪辑和过场动画、添加说明字幕和水印、制作视频封面和菜单、视频压缩和播放。

Camtasia for Mac is an excellent variant of the Camtasia Studio application developed exclusively for Macintosh to record and edit any recorded video from your desktop, either in full screen or what happens only in a particular space, like a webcam.

The program lets you record videos by specifying the sound source you want to record too and if you want the webcam is active or not.
After recording the video sequence we want, you can edit this by creating a powerful tool that includes all kinds of filters and video editing options.

After finishing the complete creation of the video it can be shared via iTunes, Screencast or YouTube, or exported as a video file format Flash 3G, AIFF, Quicktime, AU, AVI, Wave, MPEG-4 …

the essence remains the same. Camtasia for Mac records what you see on screen with absolute quality. Playback controls are simple and direct, just interfere with your work. And while you record the images, Camtasia for Mac gives you the opportunity to use iSight and micro, so your face and your explanations are integrated with the catch.


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